Your entitlement to paid Annual Leave in each holiday year (which runs from 1 January to 31 December) will be the pro rata equivalent of 5.6 weeks’ (or 28 days') paid holiday, which equates to an accrual rate of 12.07% of an hour for every hour worked.

You can request Annual Leave through the QWork system and the system will show how many hours Leave have been accrued in each Assignment. 

If your assignment involves the provision of teaching support during term time (for example, as a PGTA) you should seek to use all accrued holidays outside teaching periods and the University will refuse requests for holidays which would adversely impact on teaching schedules.

If you are planning to book annual leave, you should not sign up for additional shifts with the University during this holiday period. Your annual leave should be a period of rest and relaxation and is crucial to ensuring your health and safety at work. 

You must book a holiday on a day you would traditionally work and request hours for your normal working period. For example, if you work Mon - Fri for 5 hours a day you should not request a holiday for a Saturday for 7 hours. You might book 7 hours holiday over two days.